5 Tips for Creating a Harmonious Bedroom


Using our previous blog as a jumping off point, this week, we’re talking about feng shui for your bedroom. We typically spend between 6 and 8 hours in our bedroom per day, just sleeping. Not to mention any additional time getting ready, reading, or doing a number of other activities.  As the part of our home that gets the greatest chunk of our time, isn’t it important to design our bedroom harmoniously? We sure think so!


A bedroom with good energy flowing through it will promote restfulness, peace, and rejuvenation. Here are some tips to accomplish just that:

 1. Keep television, exercise equipment, and your   computer out of your room. All of these devices are
 stimulants that don’t help you relax at all! Sleep   specialists have known for a while now that the light   emitted from screens can actually restrain the   production of melatonin (the hormone that controls   your sleep cycle). You’re room will end up looking far   more relaxing without all of those cumbersome cords   and charging stations too. If you share a room,   avoiding technology will also help promote good   conversation and mindfulness.


2. Place the bed in view of the door, but not directly in line with it. 
Psychology tells us that we naturally feel safer when we can see an exit to a room. Having your bed placed with a view of the door accomplishes
this and makes for a nice sight upon entering the room (if your bed is made nicely).
In addition, make sure your bed is easily approachable from both sides. A side table on either side is great for storage, balance, and looks great too!

 3. Incorporate soothing colors. Color psychology is alive and well, especially when it comes to interior design. While you are 100% entitled to how individual colors make you feel, there are certain colors known best for achieving optimal calmness in your bedroom. Blues evoke a sense of serenity, reflection, and calm. Greens suggest harmony, rest, and peace. White is best for communicating purity, cleanness, and sophistication. These colors are great for laying a foundation for your room. The rest is up to whatever speaks to you!

 4. Keep clutter out. There’s nothing like clutter to keep positive energy from flowing freely through your room. It’s an eyesore too! If you have a hard time keeping things neat, implement some simple strategies for yourself. Put clothes directly into the hamper or closet after you’re done with them so they don’t pile up. For items that don’t have a place of their own and always seem to get in the way, invest in decorative baskets and boxes. They’re great for hiding clutter and they look great on a shelf! Probably the easiest fix of all: Don’t bring it in to start with! Your bedroom is a haven of rest and rejuvenation. There’s no need for paperwork, unfinished projects, or kids’ toys to pass the threshold.

5. Enhance the space with plants and nice scents.
Plants are such an easy way to brighten up any space!
They add color, fresh air, and there are so many to choose from. Likewise, scents are a small investment for a great reward. You can pick scents that bring back great memories,
promote relaxation, or set the mood exactly how you like it!


Most of these tips take just a few minutes to implement in your space! And feng shui doesn’t have to be intimidating if you understand the basics. Happy harmonizing!


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