How to create the living room feng shui you’ve always dreamed of

Feng shui is an age-old Chinese term that translates literally to “wind-water”. Historically, the principle of feng shui has been used to orient everything from spiritually significant buildings to apartment furniture. This pseudoscience is built on an imagined form of energy that surrounds each element in a room.
While the more mystical elements of feng shui never really caught on in the United States, the idea of creating harmonious environments did! Interior designers have been using lighting, color, and furniture placement for years to give their clients a home they feel comfortable, calm, and happy in.  And here’s the great news: You can do the same with a few simple (and free) tricks!
1. Always think before bringing something new into your home. Ask yourself: Is this piece a positive contribution to my environment? Does this piece make me feel calm and happy? Does this piece fit with 
my personal style? If the answer to one or more of these questions is no; save your money. Is this piece something wouldn’t mind looking at everyday? Chances are if your potential new addition doesn’t make you feel great in the store, making a place for it in your home won’t either. Try to make sure you can walk into each room of your home and see something that brings you joy. In turn, you will reflect joy back into your space.

    2. Arrange seating mindfully. Seating often takes up the most space in any room and rightfully so. It’s where we gather! You want positive energy to flow when you have the whole house to yourself and when you throw a party. Ideally, sofas should be placed against a wall with a clear view of the door. If you don’t have an optimal sofa wall, pair the sofa with a sofa table behind and a mirror on the opposite wall. This combination evokes a sense of protection and security. Further, seating should always be conducive to conversation without feeling cramped. In other words, leave some breathing room, but not chasms between furniture.

    3. Beware of harsh angles.
    Energy flows effortlessly in a room with good feng shui. Just imagine walking 
    through a room full of harsh angles and jagged lines versus
    smooth circles few corners. 
    Which room sounds more appealing?  (Probably the one that’s less threatening to your hips when you have to run through.) People naturally feel more comfortable when the angles are pointing away from them. And maintaining a variety of shapes in each room is important, just as there are a variety of shapes in nature!


    4. Bring the darkness into the light. You should feel relaxed by the lighting when you walk into a room, so this tip is somewhat relative. However, people typically feel more comfortable when the dark corners of the room are well lit.



    A well-placed mirror can  redirect and enhance natural light and make a room feel bigger.Hang mirrors at the appropriate height so they reflect attractive images and seated guests won’t be staring at themselves.
    5.Mirrors are your secret weapon.

    Creating a harmonious home is pretty straightforward and you most likely have all the tools you need to achieve your most restful space. A few adjustments can truly make a world of difference.
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