7 Easy Home Makeover Tips

          Sometimes your home just needs a face-lift. After years of being lived in (by you or the previous owners), it’s only natural certain elements will look outdated and your inner designer will crave something new. But that’s not to say a little change has to break the bank! There are several ways to transform your space on a budget, so here are 7 tips that will make you seem like a real design pro!


1. Paint an accent wall: There is no greater culprit in a forgettable room than the drab wall color. Some self-made designers try wild colors with reckless abandon, but not all of us are that risky. The beauty of the accent wall is in its cost effectiveness and ability to capture the eye. You’ll end up spending far more on labor and paint trying to change the color of an entire room. With an accent wall, there’s far less risk, you have to buy far less paint, and you might even be able to finish the project yourself!

  2. Enhance the lighting: Light fixtures often wear their decade on their sleeves. Nothing says “my Grandma ’s house” than a stained-glass chandelier in the kitchen.   And that’s not because they’re all bad, but because light fixtures seem to be phased in and out just as quickly as fashion trends. A fresh new fixture with a touch of modern flair could make your space look more inviting and keep it current.

3. Get creative with shelving: Shelving is so easy to incorporate into any room of the house and highly underestimated in the DIY design world. In the kitchen, when compared to cabinets, shelves offer far more open space and make the room look bigger. In smaller spaces, shelves could be the difference between cramped and airy. In other rooms of the house, shelves provide both a place for convenient storage and the opportunity to display your collections. Your home should be a showcase for your design personality. So dust off your prized possessions and place them tastefully!

  4. Incorporate something natural:  A   super easy way to add freshness to your home is bringing the outside in! Plants not only make the air in our homes healthier,   they cultivate an atmosphere that says,   “Come on in and stay awhile”. For a very small investment, you can add pops of color and personality in every room! Keep up on the plant care and you have décor that will never go out of style.

5. Create a new place for guests to gather: Rearranging the furniture you already have can really make a difference in how your home Ever walk into a room and it just doesn’t feel “right”? It’s probably because it was unbalanced. Our eye is trained to look for a certain degree of equilibrium in a room. This doesn’t mean you can’t add a healthy dose of asymmetry too; it will actually create visual motion and excitement. Most interior designers recommend using the concept “triangulation”. An example of this is an end table on either side of a sofa with a painting centered above the sofa. Together, the elements form an appealing “design triangle”. Utilizing coffee tables is also a great way to encourage guests to gather in the living room or den.

  6. Amp up the accessories: Visually speaking, accessories are arguably what make a house a home. They are a great way to incorporate your personality into a space, they can be phased in and out without breaking the bank, and they make seasonal decorating fun! If your home is looking a little blah, incorporate some new throw pillows on couches and chairs, cozy blankets, baskets, and other fun items. Just make sure to keep clutter to a minimum by displaying only key pieces that accomplish your vision for the space.

7. Dare to antique: Antiquing is a great way to find pieces with a high character at low costs! For a fun design challenge, pick an antique and use it as inspiration for the rest of the room. Finding a treasure may spark a domino effect of design ideas! Antique fairs often have authentic items with great refurbishing potential. Even if you just find something small for your shelf, you’re still adding so much personality to the room!

There ya go! 7 ways to makeover your space; no matter how big, how small, how old, or how new, there’s potential for personality in ever home! At H&R Lifestyle, we believe that everyone deserves the chance to make their home beautiful with quality furniture that will last a lifetime. And we’re always on the lookout for space-saving furniture that fits your lifestyle. Join our mailing list by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom of the page! 


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